What to do on Lake Garda with children when you only have two days?

The lake is big, there are so many places to visit, the hotels pop up like mushrooms – so how can we get around? In this article you will find a complete guide on what to do, where to stay and where to eat.

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How to Choose the Area

 Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and covers three regions: Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. It’s beautiful from any viewpoint, but if you’re wondering what area to choose when you have a child, the answer is clear. 

The Venetian part (in the province of Verona) is more or less the perfect place for a child, because it hosts the largest amusement park in Italy: Gardaland. Over the years, many other attractions have appeared near the park, so if you only have two days you should focus on this area. Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo del Garda, Lazise, ​​Bardolino, Garda, Torri del Benaco, Brenzone and Malcesine are the areas in the province of Verona which are hosts to the lake.

What to Do on Lake Garda

Gardaland and Gardaland Sealife

 There are so many things to do here, but what could be better than the biggest amusement park in Italy? Gardaland is exactly what every child dreams of. In this park, every cartoon becomes reality. Colors, scents, music and games all come together in one place.

 If you buy the Gardaland Express pass (a magnetic bracelet which allows you to skip the queue) you can easily get around the park in one day. The attractions are divided into three categories: Fantasy (blue), Adventure (green) and Adrenaline (red) and each is a breathtaking adventure.

Next to Gardaland Park there is Sealife, the interactive aquarium of Gardaland where more than 5000 species of sealife are hosted. Here you can find fish from all over the world, from Lake Garda of course, to the oceans.

 The aquarium visit takes about an hour. The entry fee for this is not included in the ticket for the park.What will impress you the most is the proximity of the fish; in some cases you can almost touch the water (but don’t!).

Caneva World

 This park is composed of 3 areas independent of each other – The Aquapark is the largest water park in Italy. If, like us, you decide to visit Lake Garda in August, this park is an excellent idea. Movieland Park is a theme park dedicated to the world of cinema. Medieval Times is a medieval arena where there are tournaments every day.

Jungle Adventure Park

 Avoid this place if you suffer from vertigo, because you will find paths suspended on ropes, and many other adrenaline-type activities. Depending on the age range of your children you will be able to access the adventure trails, but if you do not like these kinds of activities there is also a botanical trail and a fitness trail.

Where to Stay on Lake Garda

There are two Gardaland hotels, but if you prefer to stay elsewhere the area is full of other luxury facilities. But if, like us, you are looking for something really special, I suggest you to book an apartment in a castle from the 1400s. There is a park of forty thousand meters surrounding the castle, a swimming pool and a lake view.


 If you love amusement parks, discover the Rome Rainbow Magicland Park

 You can watch Rainbow Magicland’s video 


 Soon the article on Gardaland and the video will be ready.


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