cose da sapere su San Francisco

Listing all the things to know about San Francisco is really complicated, especially because you will never get to understand this city, but the 8 things I listed to you are the really important ones, you absolutely must keep in mind if you travel with children. 

When to visit San Francisco 

The best months to visit this amazing city on a human scale are for sure September and October. In summer you may find the coasts shrouded in fog, and extremely hot and dusty interior areas.

Call it with the full name 

The locals are very keen on the name of their city and hate all those who use the nickname “Frisco”. Rather use the term “the city”. 

Things to know about San Francisco: Cars and city streets 

Always remember to turn the wheels towards the center of the city when parking uphill or you could find your “crumpled” car downstream. Also, if you have a manual gearbox and have to start uphill again, always use the handbrake even if you think you can do without using it. Don’t underestimate the hills of San Francisco.

Important things to know about San Francisco: alcohol consumption in public

Do you remember the paper bags with the beer you see in American movies? Well… in America it is absolutely forbidden to drink alcohol in public, so if you feel like having a cold beer on the beach while your baby is taking a nap … just forget about it.

You could get a fine and if in the presence of very strict policemen, you could be taken into the police station.

Credit card

Use credit cards to pay… here almost nobody uses the cash anymore. You can also pay a 1 dollar fee with the card. Unlike in Italy, nobody will tell you anything. This allows you to live the vacation more serenely without the anxiety of having to carry too much money with you.

Things to know about San Francisco: Medical assistance

Before leaving you must make sure that you are covered in case of health problems. Contact your health insurance or get one for the trip. If it is an option not included in your travel package, be sure to include it. 

Also ask your credit card customer service, the American Express Platino health insurance is among the best in the world and is included in the annual cost. In the United States it’s not a joke, health is not free and the bill is really very salty.

But if, in your unconsciousness, you decided case to leave without health insurance and you need a doctor, you can go to a clinic funded by some foundation or to an “urgent care” clinic. The company in the waiting room will not be pleasant … homeless and toxic populate this kind of clinics but, how to say … you’ve asked for it.

Where to stay with children

In many hotels children do not pay up to 12 years if they sleep with their parents. In some structures the age rises to 18 years. Inform yourself before booking.

Things to know about San Francisco: Politically Correct

In this city every diversity is accepted unconditionally so it will not be difficult to find people of all kinds. If you are still tied to archaic prototypes, try to keep your mouth shut and your thoughts for yourself … here they have no mercy on ignorant bigots.

Find out also what to know about Bogotá and Los Angeles if you travel with a child.

Here San Francisco official site.

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