The Crane Resort Barbados takes its name from the beach it faces, and is located only a few kilometers from the airport. It is an absolutely ideal position to reach all areas in no time.
The Crane accepts children under the age of 14, unlike many other 5-star hotels on the island, but also offers a pool and an area reserved for adults. Not accepting minors is a popular choice among Barbados’ luxury hotels, which is also shared by many restaurants.

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Well, what can we say about the wonderful suites of The Crane Resort Barbados?
The hotel offers very large rooms, with the option to choose either a second bedroom or a sofa bed. Either way, the suites boast two bathrooms; one with a shower and the master with a sensual shower and jacuzzi.
Each room has a kitchenette equipped with every appliance imaginable, and the toilet area separate from the bathroom. The terrace faces the park with a view of the pools and the sea, and if you don’t feel like swimming with other guests, you have a private pool overlooking the sea.
The only thing about these rooms is that the beds are too high, and a bed ladder to climb on the mattress would be very useful. I wonder why…?


With a panoramic lift, you can reach the famous Crane Beach. You can benefit from umbrellas and sunbeds to enjoy the sun with the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see the calm sea on this side of the island.
Behind the beach there is a wonderful palm tree area where you can spend few minutes in the shade or drink fresh coconut milk. There is no need to bring towels, the hotel will provide them. You will receive a card and you can collect them at the pool.



There are four pools, plus a small bathtub/fountain inside the temple next to the restaurant.
The pools are all panoramic with fountains and waterfalls. One is located right in front of the restaurant, so it’s common to wait for lunch by the pool while sipping a cool drink.
The fourth pool is reserved for adults, and is located next to the terrace of the famous Azul restaurant. In this wing of the structure, you can breathe in luxury at every corner. Next to the pool you have the spa (don’t you need a massage after such a stressful day?).


There is an area dedicated to children, but Flavio never wanted to go as the hotel offers plenty of fun for children to have fun in the pool, between the waterfalls and the fountains.
During our stay, they were preparing some fantastic decorations for a party.


There are many shops around the area, including souvenirs and precious gems, like those in Colombia; just be sure to take your credit card.

Why did we choose The Crane?
When we are on holidays, we want to be free to choose our activities, without the stress of organisation and with the comfort of being catered for.
For example, if one day you don’t feel like driving, or in the case of bad weather, the Crane Resort has all you could ever need.
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