Riviera Golf Resort: Just a few steps from the Rimini fair

The Riviera Golf Resort, a few kilometers from Cattolica, was our salvation for three days. Also this year, we went to Rimini for the TTG, the most important international tourism fair.

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We spent three intense days here with a rigid itinerary and no time to take a breath, but as you know, the opportunity to meet tourism agencies from all over the world only happens once a year.

That is why this year, we decided not to get a hotel in Rimini, or in Riccione, but to move to a more peaceful area, and this time we really did our best.

Less than 30km from Rimini is San Giovanni in Marignano, by all means a small town where you can eat typical local produce and take walks on rock bridges.

I know, it looks like a fairy tale right out of the Brothers Grimm.

Valentino Rossi

My husband and I drove by car, tired from the day we had had (what was I thinking, deciding to leave on the day of the fair and not the day before?) until we finally arrived in Tavullia.

You all know this place, right? It’s where our Valentino Rossi was born.

Well, this village is like a thousand others, but covered with flags. Just when our eyes were getting used to the country here we came to San Giovanni in M. where time stops and catapults you to the Middle Ages.

Everywhere you turn, you see stone houses, flowers and bridges. The contrast is strong, I have to admit. Flavio would have loved this place, but making him skip school to spend 8 hours at the fair would have been unfair, don’t you think? In short, we immediately understood that this place would give us peace after the storm of Rimini, and indeed it was.

Riviera Golf Resort


Riviera Golf Resort and Golf Club


The Riviera Golf Club is in a fantastic location. Surrounded by greenery and, of course, by the golf pitch, it is an oasis of peace after the chaos of the fair.

Thinking about it now, this location is a clear contrast with this whole part of the coast.

The structure is elegant and extremely refined, and the suites are wonderful. There is no single structure, but green areas where the rooms were built.

Huge tubs in wonderful bathrooms, spacious walk-in closets and stunning views (of course if you like to watch people play golf and watching the pool light up at night). The room service is very fast and, if I may say so, the piadina to accompany the wine for an appetizer was very much appreciated.



For me, the spa has always been the needle of the scale to see if a hotel deserves the stars it sells.

I am not a professional, but like everybody else, I have my standards and let’s be honest, who likes to go to a spa that smells like mold. Would you agree?

Well, the spa of this hotel is phenomenal! Very nice dressing rooms, well-kept bathrooms, clean showers and bathtubs, what else can I say? It’s beautiful.

It also offers submerged sun beds with an exterior view, and a glass roof that opens. The only flaw is that there is nowhere to sit and have a herbal tea in all of the rooms, to have a herbal tea you have to go to the beauty center, which is not very comfortable.

Riviera Golf Resort


Breakfast in Riviera Golf Resort

The buffet is very vast, but you may have to wait a little while before the staff refill the empty trays (too bad a structure like this gets lost in small details).

I’m not sure why, but inexorably, when I’m at the hotel, I want to have a savory breakfast. Then of course, I skip lunch and end up as hungry as a wolf at dinner time. Maybe one day I’ll learn.


Where to Dine

The hotel offers a restaurant that seems eye-catching, but we preferred to take a walk in the beautiful village.

We used Tripadvisor to choose the restaurant (you will find our Trip account here) but this time we were not particularly satisfied.

We had dinner at Osteria Spacciodivino. A characteristic place with very kind staff. But the dishes, what can I say… it might be better to just have an appetizer and avoid the first course, which we didn’t like at all! But that of course, was only our opinion..


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