New York with a child: yes or no?

Deciding to visit the Big Apple with a small child may not be a great idea if you don’t know how to enjoy the city without being affected by the daily stress of one of the most chaotic cities in the world.


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After having shown you the best restaurants in New York to go with a child, and all the useful numbers of New York in case of emergency, today we will help you to find 3 oases of peace to take your child.

Walking is the best way to navigate New York (or by bike like we did), because walking among thousands of skyscrapers is one of the most beautiful experiences you could imagine.

You can see with your own eyes the manholes from where smoke comes out, taxis and crazy cyclists whizzing through the streets, and people who cross the city at lightning speed at any time of day or night.

Smells, colors, hundreds of different languages in the background but (of course there is a but) if your child is less than 10 years old, he could get tired or get bored very early, turning your day into a nightmare.

That’s why during our 17 visits to this wonderful metropolis, we have compiled a list of kid-friendly areas to ensure that your trip to New York with a child will be fun for the whole family.

Central Park

Where else but the heart of Manhattan to start our list if you visit New York with a child? Central Park is not just a 340-hectare park that stretches from 59th Street to 110th Ave, but a real institution for New Yorkers. Everybody goes here, from the Hollywood actors to families celebrating their children’s birthdays, to sportsmen, to couples.

There is no issue of race, social class, age or religion.

You can listen to a concert in Great Lawn, discover the 270 species of migratory birds that inhabit Ramble, and a wood with streams and a thousand different paths.

Otherwise, if you want to watch a boat model race you can go to the Conservatory Water (there are 5 lakes in total).

By the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, fairy tales are read in the summer, workshops on nature are held and the ever-present puppets are created.

All season, the park is freckled with squirrels jumping from one branch to another.

High Line

I understand if you remain skeptical of this choice, but this site is a must. The High Line is the disused elevated railway line on the West Side.

The area has obviously been retained and today is also the most “fashionable” walk in New York. You can visit all kinds of market stalls, and you will be amazed by the works of art of many artists.

As for your son, once he discovers it was a railway, he will start running and looking for old trains.


New Youk with a child? Bronx Zoo

If you are in New York with a child, how could you not visit the zoo?

In this centenary park, the biggest in the USA, you can observe the Congo Gorilla Forest, admire animals and streams through a glass tunnel; if your child is a fan of Dracula, he will love the World of Darkness pavilion where hundreds of bats live.

A must is definitely to visit the “Wild Asia” aboard a monorail but what your child will love the most will be the Children’s Zoo, an educational play area where there are domestic pets that can be approached by children and wild animals.


Have a nice trip!





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