8 Days in Barbados? This island is best experienced while sipping a cocktail by the sea, or by looking around to discover a wild and enchanting landscape.

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This time, we decided to rent a car at the airport, and our holiday was transformed.

We decided that every day we would visit an undiscovered beach, and it was perfect. So – let’s see what we can do in Barbados for eight days!

Day One in Barbados – Oistins

Miami Beach

Beginning your holiday on this wonderful beach is a great idea. Children can play in the bay in the bay, and if you also want access to the sea you can go to the front of the palm grove where the sea is not bordered by rocks. The palm grove area also has picnic tables and equipment for exercise if you want to keep fit while on holiday. But the most important thing about this beach which you must keep in mind is Mr. Delicious, a company in Barbados which boasts the best fish cakes on the island, along with the very fresh and delicious Coconut Punch. It opens at 10am and has free WiFi. This beach is also very popular with the population of Oistin.

The Oistin fish market

Friday night is all about Oistin and its fish market, bars and barbecued fish, all to the beat of Caribbean music; lights, colors, laughter and smiles. It is an extremely peaceful place, and children will really enjoy it. There are locals who walk around with a monkey on their shoulder – be careful of this because once you have taken a picture with them you will be charged $10.

In addition, from 8am to 3pm, you can buy fresh fish at really ridiculous prices. Remember to ask for fish scraps and go to the dock behind the market – the sea turtles are hungry!

Two – Bottom Bay

They say that Bottom Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados, and they are right! Barbados is usually surrounded by an emerald sea, but this beach is full of bright blue colors. Before going down to the beach, take a walk on the upper cliff (this can be found on the right of the stairs to the beach). The view here is magnificent, but watch out for strong gusts of wind.

This beach is very wild and has no kiosks, so remember to bring everything you need with you, including food and drinks.

Long Bay

Speaking of cliffwalks, a walk through the villas of Long Bay to the sea is not to be missed. The view is breathtaking and, hidden from the eyes of passers-by, there is a small dreamlike beach, the famous Shark Hole. Here the water is always calm, even when the sea is rough.

Three – Needhams Point and Hilton Barbados

This beach is named after an important historical area, which has become the island’s heritage. In this area there are three beaches: Pebble Beach, Drill Hall Beach and Neeshams Point Beach (this is the most beautiful, because of the white beach and turquoise sea).

Here you will also find the wonderful Hilton, which is absolutely worth a visit. I shouldn’t mention this, but from the beach you can easily access the hotel and enjoy an afternoon in the beautiful hotel swimming pools, taking advantage of the bar and restaurant services.

Four – Silver Sends

Just beyond the airport lies the beautiful area of Silver Sends, where you will find wonderful villas overlooking the sea in an old-English style and pristine beaches. This area is also a paradise for amateur surfers (for the advanced as they call them, there is Bathsheba). This part is frequented by many young people, and modern villas alternate with very modest local residences. At the entrance of the beach there is a beautiful park and a bar/restaurant. A great day can be spent here.

Five – Speightstown

This city is known as ‘Little Bristol”; it is colorful and full of shops and activities. This place is worth a few hours of walking around before going to the Nikki later, as we did when we visited. The beaches are wonderful, but there are few areas equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. On the main street there is a small counter which sells Vegan products and fruit extracts, which I highly recommend.

Nikki Beach

This is the most fashionable Beach Club in Barbados. It is frequented by a classy types of people and above all, it is an elegant and a very “in” place. Children are allowed but they may not use the pool. The sea is the only option for families like ours, but the club is worth the experience anyway. The restaurant is excellent, with local and international cuisine, and we strongly advise booking ahead as it is very popular.

What surprised us most was the attention to detail. Everything has been chosen to create a unique and elegant atmosphere. The staff are very kind and helpful, and attentive to every need. A beautiful addition to the atmosphere is the DJ positioned at the pool bar who plays beautiful music.

Six – Animal Flower Cave

For your days in Barbados, Here we are in the most northerly part of the island where there aren’t any Caribbean beaches, but many majestic cliffs. It actually resembles Northern Ireland more than Barbados. To get to the caves, you have to go down a narrow staircase, but what you will find down there is magnificent – caves carved by the sea that draw hearts and circles in the rock. You will be accompanied by a guide who will stand by you at all times. At the ticket office, they ask you if you want to swim or not, and you should do it! You’ll be taken to a cave with quite high water, and swimming in the cave is a wonderful sensation! It was too bad that when we went it was raining and the water was very rough, so they didn’t bring us closer to the edge.


Outside the caves

Outside the caves there is a bar and restaurant with breathtaking views (as well as prices of course) and in a hundred meters walk you arrive at the lookout point, where there are cliffs as far as the eye can see. If you sit down to get a drink, your children will be able to play in the playground or chase the goats and sheep (who don’t have wool and with a long tail).

Getting here by public transport is not the best option, as it took us about an hour even by car.


Bathsheba- Barbados

This is where I left my heart! Bathsheba is paradise for professional surfers, and is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the island. Dense vegetation, wild landscapes and unspoiled nature; in some spots it feels like walking in the Amazon forest.

Bathsheba deserves an entire day but if you are not a great lover of the ocean, then even an afternoon will be enough.

Along the beach there is a beautiful palm grove with an English-style lawn and picnic tables. It is a shame that people who visit the place leave a lot of garbage behind them.

Day Seven in Barbados – Holetown

Here we are in the most exclusive and luxurious part of the island. Here you will find famous designer stores and highly-starred restaurants. This is a predominantly white area, inhabited mostly by English and natives of Barbados. This area represents the image that the world has of Barbados: beaches, palm trees, coconut trees and sun. The beaches are beautiful and everything seems like a dream. The beaches are well-equipped and the villas overlook private beaches.

Day Eight – Catamaran Trip

After a week of discovering the most beautiful beaches (here you can find the most suitable for children), we decided to rely on Tiami Catamaran Cruises for a catamaran trip. The cruise departs from the port of Bridgetown at 9am to the island of Speightstown. The catamaran was very large, with an open bar and a relaxation area for sunbathing. The crew were friendly and helpful, and contributed well to the fun atmosphere of the morning.

The most exciting time

The biggest highlight? Definitely swimming with the turtles off Gibbes Beach. Flavio managed to touch one and did nothing but talk about it for the next 7 days.

It’s a shame to have discovered the Tiami on the last day of vacation, because they organize fabulous tours. Throughout the morning we were served cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, and at lunch we ate local products in buffet style. Highly recommended!

And there you have our wonderful vacation in Barbados. If you need any more information on the island of Barbados you can contact us.

Now all you have to do is book your flight!

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