Barbados: The Most Beautiful Views

Barbados: the most beautiful views of this wonderful island. We all know the paradisical beaches of Barbados, but this wonderful island is not just pink sand and palm trees.

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On our tour, we got to know the island from North to South and East to West.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the coast overlooking the ocean is the most beautiful if you are looking for breathtaking cliffs and very high waves. This is the best known spot for surfers, but I assure you that there are wonderful places even for a family that does not like getting up on the board!

Here are some places that you absolutely can’t miss.

Long Bay (Shark Hole)

This cliff is fantastic; hidden in the cove there is a small secret beach where, despite the high waves and the impassable sea, you can enjoy clear and calm water. In short, a real paradise. The area is very popular with locals so you will easily find fishermen on the cliff and families on the beach.

Bottom Bay

Here is another place that will leave you breathless. The sea an almost blinding shade of blue.I have only seen a color like this once in my life, in Cancun.

But before going down to the beach, I suggest you take a walk in the field in front of the parking lot, there is a wonderful view and you can take some great pictures. You can’t buy food or drinks here, so make sure you bring everything you need!

The Most Beautiful Views Barbados: Bathsheba

This is where I left my heart – I was dazzled by the beauty. Here nature is still unspoiled, and the vegetation is very rich. At Bathsheba you really feel like you’re in the Caribbean.It is difficult to reach by public transport,so I advise you to rent a car.

Bathsheba- Barbados

Crane Beach

This beach is not as beautiful as the others, but the palm grove and cliff certainly make a pretty sight. Even here, despite the very rough sea, the colors are sensational. Unlike Bottom Bay, there is a barin the palm grove where you can enjoy an aperitif or cool off.

The most beautiful view in Barbados

I am sure that in the North there are many pristine and beautiful beaches but, if you look at the map of Barbados, you can see that the north is beaten and has very few roads. It’s definitely a good reason to come back in a few years!

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Dubai: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Dubai is a very dynamic city, with 365 days a year of sunshine and warmth, luxurious hotels and Caribbean-like beaches. The city is full of Bedouin traditions and futuristic skyscrapers.

Surrounded by the Garden of Allah, a desert in which people are said to ‘find themselves’, is a city full of contrasts. Arab tradition on one side, with its souks, belly dancing, mosques, falcon hunting and western modernity, and the other side with ski slopes inside shopping malls, horse races and artificial lighting.

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Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when visiting Dubai:


  • In case of emergency you can go to the hospital for free, but in all other cases (eg. Toothache, minor illness) you have to pay in cash or by credit card. Remember to take the prescription with you if you regularly use medicines.
  • In a restaurant or a bar, even if there are free tables you have to wait to be seated.
  • Christian holidays are recognized only from a business point of view (window displays, gadget sales, special menus, etc.), so even at Christmas everything will be open as normal.
  • Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas, and is prohibited in restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.
  • Nudity or being shirtless is absolutely forbidden everywhere – if you want to get fully tanned, you can do this comfortably at home.
  • Criminality does not exist.
  • Women should avoid transparent, tight-fitting clothes or revealing necklines, and short pants are better avoided. Men may not walk around without a t-shirt. In public, bare legs should be avoided by both men and women.
  • Children are loved and respected. Wherever you go you will be treated with the utmost respect and you will have all the services you need.
  • Dubai cannot be navigated by foot – you will beed to drive or use public transport. Bus stops are enclosed and air conditioned.

5 Things to Know About Going to Bogotá with Children

If you decide to visit Bogotà with your children, it is very important that you read this article.

Bogotá is a very special city and going there needs preparation; not just physical but also psychological. Unlike other South American cities, it has some small hidden secrets that you need to know. Here is the official website of the city.

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1 Bogotá is divided into districts

This city is divided into districts, so it is essential when choosing a hotel to choose the right one, especially if you visit Bogotá with your children. The districts are nothing but a clear and linear social classification expressed by neighborhoods. Understanding how the city’s citizens think will help you to get around. I have written an article explaining in detail how these regions are organized: you can find it here. Make sure you read it, it’s important!

2 Bogotà with your children: bars

Children can’t get in any kind of bar or club after sunset. Resisting is pointless because they do not make exceptions. If you want to have a nice evening and have a drink after dinner, make sure you choose a place where you can stay with your child, otherwise you will be invited to leave.

3 Geography of Bogotà

Bogotà is a city which lies 2700 meters above sea level – this already shows how thin the air is. Moreover, it is very polluted so if you or your child suffer from asthma, make sure you always have medication on hand. This altitude also makes it different from other Colombian cities, so always take a jacket with you. The temperature is generally between 16 ° and 20 °. If the sun is out, the temperature rises but the evening is always cool. If you visit Bogotá with children keep this in mind.

4 Do the grocery shop

If you need to buy food at the Bogota supermarket, make sure you are in section 3 or 4. The prices are much lower. For more details read here.Be careful, you will be attracted by the wonderful colors of the fruit. There are some to be consumed with caution, like the Pitaya. This beautiful and very tasty fruit, also known as dragon fruit, has powerful laxative powers (and when I say powerful, I am not exaggerating). In Colombia the dragon fruit is yellow and not red like its Asian relative, and the taste is sweet. Never eat more than half.

cosa sapere su bogotà

5 Bogotà whith children: where to play

Most shopping centers have a floor dedicated to children with skating rinks, sports areas and mini-cities where children can have fun doing all the jobs of adults. You have to pay to enter these playgrounds, but it is absolutely worth it. Places are taken care of in every detail and the activities are fantastic. If it happens to be a rainy day, then you know what to do.

cosa sapere su bogotà

Now you are ready to discover this wonderful city … I hope you have a great trip!


Freccia Rossa Executive or Italotreno Club Executive

Frecciarossa Executive or Italotreno Executive Club: Which One to Choose and Why While they both have the same name, both companies offer different services.

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 Italotreno has a younger, more dynamic and less business-based market, but in my opinion it is less luxurious, and more standard.

I think the best thing I can do is to present the facts, and then you can decide for yourself. I have my mind made up, but I will let you be the judge of what is best for you.

Italotreno Executive Club

This is presented to us as  “the best travel experience in Italo’s most exclusive environment”.  I think this is exactly the point – in comparison to the other services it is by far the best, but in terms of overall luxury, there is a lot to be desired.

The websites advertise different services such as Wi-Fi, catering, Fast Track, lounge, and personal screens. A service for underage customers travelling alone called Italo Junior is available for a small fee.

The seats are comfortable, with about 18 eats in each carriage, some in closed cabins. When the train disembarks there is a welcome service in which you are offered water, fruit juice or prosecco in a paper glass.


The catering is provided by a small box containing a cold puffy pastry and a vegetable snack pastry. You can choose a sweet or a salty snack or two. The cleaning service is not impeccable; they don’t take the rubbish until they have finished in First Class, which is about an hour. The bathroom is not just for the executive but shared with First Class, and unfortunately for me, the smell of the bathroom was very unpleasant.

Would I travel with Italo’s Executive Club again? Absolutely, because First Class is like traveling in economy class by plane; people shouting on the phone, taking off their shoes and eating tuna cans intoxicating the whole wagon. I know what you’re thinking, you are wondering what route was – it was Rome- Milan.


Executive Frecciarossa

This travel is on a different level of quality. I’ll begin by telling you that the executive carriage accommodates only 8 seats, and each armchair is 1.5 meters from the other.

This service was created to meet the needs of the top managers of big companies but I can tell you that it also caters to mine.


The carriages have the luxuries of all the national newspapers, unlimited drinks, snacks and coffee espresso Illy. Furthermore, if you need to work, there is a meeting room with 6 seats and high-definition monitors, which can be used for a small fee.If you are hungry, you can enjoy the exclusive restaurant with gourmet dishes by chef Carlo Cracco. I ate a delicious duck in orange on real dishes with real cutlery and glasses – no plastic or paper.Buying the Frecciarossa executive ticket gives you the access to the lounge, so no more waiting in a crowded bar.


I have given you a brief overview of my experience, and it is clear to see which service I preferred – I believe that luxury is important and if you are willing to pay more than economy class, you expect different services. It must be said, however, that Italo has a younger clientele and less showy, so the differences are there.

Which do you prefer? Let me knon the comments.

What to Do on Lake Garda with Children: Family Guide

What to do on Lake Garda with children when you only have two days?

The lake is big, there are so many places to visit, the hotels pop up like mushrooms – so how can we get around? In this article you will find a complete guide on what to do, where to stay and where to eat.

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How to Choose the Area

 Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and covers three regions: Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. It’s beautiful from any viewpoint, but if you’re wondering what area to choose when you have a child, the answer is clear. 

The Venetian part (in the province of Verona) is more or less the perfect place for a child, because it hosts the largest amusement park in Italy: Gardaland. Over the years, many other attractions have appeared near the park, so if you only have two days you should focus on this area. Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo del Garda, Lazise, ​​Bardolino, Garda, Torri del Benaco, Brenzone and Malcesine are the areas in the province of Verona which are hosts to the lake.

What to Do on Lake Garda

Gardaland and Gardaland Sealife

 There are so many things to do here, but what could be better than the biggest amusement park in Italy? Gardaland is exactly what every child dreams of. In this park, every cartoon becomes reality. Colors, scents, music and games all come together in one place.

 If you buy the Gardaland Express pass (a magnetic bracelet which allows you to skip the queue) you can easily get around the park in one day. The attractions are divided into three categories: Fantasy (blue), Adventure (green) and Adrenaline (red) and each is a breathtaking adventure.

Next to Gardaland Park there is Sealife, the interactive aquarium of Gardaland where more than 5000 species of sealife are hosted. Here you can find fish from all over the world, from Lake Garda of course, to the oceans.

 The aquarium visit takes about an hour. The entry fee for this is not included in the ticket for the park.What will impress you the most is the proximity of the fish; in some cases you can almost touch the water (but don’t!).

Caneva World

 This park is composed of 3 areas independent of each other – The Aquapark is the largest water park in Italy. If, like us, you decide to visit Lake Garda in August, this park is an excellent idea. Movieland Park is a theme park dedicated to the world of cinema. Medieval Times is a medieval arena where there are tournaments every day.

Jungle Adventure Park

 Avoid this place if you suffer from vertigo, because you will find paths suspended on ropes, and many other adrenaline-type activities. Depending on the age range of your children you will be able to access the adventure trails, but if you do not like these kinds of activities there is also a botanical trail and a fitness trail.

Where to Stay on Lake Garda

There are two Gardaland hotels, but if you prefer to stay elsewhere the area is full of other luxury facilities. But if, like us, you are looking for something really special, I suggest you to book an apartment in a castle from the 1400s. There is a park of forty thousand meters surrounding the castle, a swimming pool and a lake view.


 If you love amusement parks, discover the Rome Rainbow Magicland Park

 You can watch Rainbow Magicland’s video 


 Soon the article on Gardaland and the video will be ready.


See you soon



Riviera Golf Resort: Just a few steps from the Rimini fair

The Riviera Golf Resort, a few kilometers from Cattolica, was our salvation for three days. Also this year, we went to Rimini for the TTG, the most important international tourism fair.

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We spent three intense days here with a rigid itinerary and no time to take a breath, but as you know, the opportunity to meet tourism agencies from all over the world only happens once a year.

That is why this year, we decided not to get a hotel in Rimini, or in Riccione, but to move to a more peaceful area, and this time we really did our best.

Less than 30km from Rimini is San Giovanni in Marignano, by all means a small town where you can eat typical local produce and take walks on rock bridges.

I know, it looks like a fairy tale right out of the Brothers Grimm.

Valentino Rossi

My husband and I drove by car, tired from the day we had had (what was I thinking, deciding to leave on the day of the fair and not the day before?) until we finally arrived in Tavullia.

You all know this place, right? It’s where our Valentino Rossi was born.

Well, this village is like a thousand others, but covered with flags. Just when our eyes were getting used to the country here we came to San Giovanni in M. where time stops and catapults you to the Middle Ages.

Everywhere you turn, you see stone houses, flowers and bridges. The contrast is strong, I have to admit. Flavio would have loved this place, but making him skip school to spend 8 hours at the fair would have been unfair, don’t you think? In short, we immediately understood that this place would give us peace after the storm of Rimini, and indeed it was.

Riviera Golf Resort


Riviera Golf Resort and Golf Club


The Riviera Golf Club is in a fantastic location. Surrounded by greenery and, of course, by the golf pitch, it is an oasis of peace after the chaos of the fair.

Thinking about it now, this location is a clear contrast with this whole part of the coast.

The structure is elegant and extremely refined, and the suites are wonderful. There is no single structure, but green areas where the rooms were built.

Huge tubs in wonderful bathrooms, spacious walk-in closets and stunning views (of course if you like to watch people play golf and watching the pool light up at night). The room service is very fast and, if I may say so, the piadina to accompany the wine for an appetizer was very much appreciated.



For me, the spa has always been the needle of the scale to see if a hotel deserves the stars it sells.

I am not a professional, but like everybody else, I have my standards and let’s be honest, who likes to go to a spa that smells like mold. Would you agree?

Well, the spa of this hotel is phenomenal! Very nice dressing rooms, well-kept bathrooms, clean showers and bathtubs, what else can I say? It’s beautiful.

It also offers submerged sun beds with an exterior view, and a glass roof that opens. The only flaw is that there is nowhere to sit and have a herbal tea in all of the rooms, to have a herbal tea you have to go to the beauty center, which is not very comfortable.

Riviera Golf Resort


Breakfast in Riviera Golf Resort

The buffet is very vast, but you may have to wait a little while before the staff refill the empty trays (too bad a structure like this gets lost in small details).

I’m not sure why, but inexorably, when I’m at the hotel, I want to have a savory breakfast. Then of course, I skip lunch and end up as hungry as a wolf at dinner time. Maybe one day I’ll learn.


Where to Dine

The hotel offers a restaurant that seems eye-catching, but we preferred to take a walk in the beautiful village.

We used Tripadvisor to choose the restaurant (you will find our Trip account here) but this time we were not particularly satisfied.

We had dinner at Osteria Spacciodivino. A characteristic place with very kind staff. But the dishes, what can I say… it might be better to just have an appetizer and avoid the first course, which we didn’t like at all! But that of course, was only our opinion..


The Magical World of Harry Potter in London

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?
And above all, who wouldn’t want to live just one day in his fantastic world? Well, it is possible! Just by visiting the Warner Bros Studio‘s Tour of London! The fans of the little wizard will love it and I’m not just talking about little fans – this destination is fun for adults too.

When you first enter the Studios you are taken to a room where you are shown an interesting video about how the idea of making a film inspired by Rowling’s books came about.

Then the real tour in the magical world of Harry Potter begins, leading you to the wonderful Great Hall.

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The Great Hall

Built in 2000 especially for the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the set was then used for the next 6 films in the saga.

The spectacular hall contains, the costumes of the students in each of the four houses of Hogwarts,  plus two very long tables set elegantly for dinner.

At the end of the room you can admire the teachers’ table and their costumes. An amazing start to the tour, which is then followed by a journey through various scenes which are familiar to fans of the films.

Here you will explore scenes such as the dormitories and sitting room of the students of Hogwarts; Professor Dumbledore’s study, Hagrid’s hut, and the hall of Malfoy Manor the Forbidden Forest inhabited by huge spiders, and so much more!

The sets and props are the original ones used for filming.

Seeing everything that created the scenes of the films and how much work there is behind every detail does not take away the magic behind Rowling’s stories; but rather gives further value to the wonderful films.


What You’ll See on the Tour


Platform 9 ¾

Most of the scenes in the film were shot in Kings Cross Station in London, however for the final episode a part of the station was recreated in the studios.

The Hogwarts Express provided the backdrop for one of the first ever scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and then, ten years later, for the last shot of the entire series in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The real locomotive and passenger carriages have been used throughout the UK to create external train views; while a special set of internal carriages has been used for all scenes taking place inside the train.


Dolores Umbridge’s Study

Great attention was paid to the creation of the all-pink office of the Ministry of Magic official, including the collection of plates with various moving kittens.

Over 130 plates were created for the office and they photographed and filmed real kittens with crystal balls, witch hats and balls of wool.

No small task!


Diagon Alley

This is probably my favorite set, although it’s hard to choose. The original design of the street combines the rich details of the Harry Potter books, with the inspiration of the streets described in the works of Charles Dickens.

Diagon Alley hosts not only the Gringotts Bank, Flourish and Blotts and Mulpepper’s Pharmacy, but also the dusty Ollivanders shop, where, you may remember, Harry’s wand chose him.

During the shoot, the store housed over 17,000 individually labeled wand boxes.


The Art Department

This section of the tour ends spectacularly with small-scale reconstruction of Hogwarts castle.

The shots of this meticulously constructed model have been combined with digital effects to create unforgettable realistic views of the exterior of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A team of 86 artists and staff members built the first version of the Hogwarts castle for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

If you are in need of refreshment by the end of the tour, you can always give the Butterbeer a try at the Studios coffee shop.

I didn’t actually taste it myself, but I was told that it was very sweet, and obviously non-alcoholic!


Ticket costs and useful information for Harry Potter

It has to be said that the visit is not cheap  and there are also family packages, but it really is worth the money.

The Studios are located about 1 hour from London, so it would be worth your while to compare agencies and to get a package which includes the bus journey from central London plus the entrance ticket.

Alternatively, you can take the train.

The whole tour lasts about 3 and a half hours.

The Studios are usually quite crowded, but it is very well managed and the flow of people will not bother you.  I would also recommend to book in advance.

Keep in mind that the shops inside the studios are full of temptation, but the prices are very expensive!


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Rome in One Day: What to See

Only got 24 hours and not sure if it’s possible to see Rome in one day? It sure is!

Of course, you won’t be able to see every monument, but the pourpose of this article we will share an itinerary that will allow you to enjoy your day in the Capital, alternating between art, culture and fun.

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Here instead, you can find an article that recommends activities you can do in Rome for two days with a child.
A week ago, my husband and I found ourselves alone. Flavio was in the mountains with his grandparents and, unlike other times, we didn’t want spend hours travelling or taking a flight. It was then when we decided to book a hotel in Rome (our own city) and be tourists.
After all, we never really visited Rome, so why not go for it?

Rome in One Day

Rione Monti

In cases like these, choosing the right neighborhood is essential. We chose Rione Monti. We arrived at the hotel around 7pm on Saturday, and after leaving our suitcases in the room, we went out for a walk. The first thing to do is to book electric bikes for the next day – on Via Cavour you will find Bici & Baci, the only one to open at 8.30 am.

Piazza Madonna dei Monti is always crowded with people, the alleys are full of tourists coming and going. Here it is very easy to come across a tourist restaurant where the food is bad and it is not what you are looking for.
We walked for about an hour before we chose “Thank God it’s Friday”. It is a hectic place and not very big, but the pizza is really very good. Time for an ice cream and then off to bed, as tomorrow you need to get up very early! If you only have one day in Rome you can’t afford to sleep in, and have you ever seen Rome at 8am? That’s the real sight to see!

Rome in One Day

Morning – Rome in One Day

The first stop is undoubtedly the Colosseum.

In its magnificence, it looks even bigger at 8am on a Sunday morning. Within half an hour the first groups of tourists will start arriving, but for the moment, it’s all yours.

Once we had taken photos, we headed towards Piazza Venezia along Via dei Fori Imperiali; no cars and no tourists. You can walk in the middle of the road and breathe in the majesty of the Roman Empire. On the right, if you look carefully you can see the grandstands where you can sit, but I suggest going back at sunset. The warm colors of the sun make this part of history particularly magical.

Rome in One Day

Piazza del Popolo

Take a ride up to Piazza del Popolo crossing Via del Corso, and then have some breakfast in the garden of the Hotel De Russie in Via del Babuino. After a brief breakfast stop, go up towards the Pincio promenade and enter the beautiful Villa Borghese. Here we are again on Viale della Trinità dei Monti, until we get to Piazza di Spagna where you can drink a delicious strawberry iced tea in one of Rome’s oldest tea rooms.
It is almost lunchtime, but before stopping to eat we’ll go to see the famous Trevi Fountain. Nearby there is a secret gem that few know about; the Galleria of Palazzo Sciarra Colonna di Carbognano.
You won’t be able to take the bike inside, so make sure you lock it up and head in on foot. Immediately after the gallery, take a lunchbreak. It won’t be the best restautant ever, but still absolutely fantastic.

Afternoon – Rome in One Day

Let’s get back on the bike and head towards the Phanteon, a stop for the best coffee in Rome in Piazza Sant’Eustachio, or for an ice cream in one of the best ice cream parlors in Rome, before we reach Piazza Navona.
We walk along Via del Governo Vecchio with its boutiques and vintage shops to reach Lungotevere, cross the bridge, and find ourselves in front of Castel Sant’Angelo.
A few more streets and we reach San Pietro. We cross the Tiber again here at Largo dei Fiorentini. There is the homonymous church where, on Sundays, the Romans bring their animal friends to mass. A few meters away you can take Via Giulia, the first straight road built in Rome.
This area is my favorite and not to be missed in your one-day visit to Rome. This is where I grew up, and I consider it the most authentic area of ​​the historical center of Rome where you can still find the elderly sitting in the street chatting with passers-by. In this area there is also Campo de Fiori, Torre Argentina and the Ghetto. If you pass by the Tiber, you can also get a glimpse of Tiber Island.

Rome in One Day


On the other side is Trastevere, with all of its amazing history. If you have time (and the desire) you can cross the Tiber again and cycle through the narrow streets that separate Piazza Trilussa to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. You can stop for a fresh beer at Bir & Fud and then return to the noble bank and get back to Piazza Venezia.

It’s sunset; now you can go back to the stands you saw this morning in Via dei Fori Imperiali. At this time, the colors are warm, the climate is cooler and you will see how relaxing it can be to observe the Trajan Forum. If you don’t want to visit Trastevere, I suggest you go back to Via del Corso and reach the Rinascente in Via del Tritone. The entrée on the terrace is an absolute must. Alternatively, you can have an entrée on the terrace of the Cesari hotel, whose terrace is in the Top Five in Rome.


In conclusion, the day is almost over and you’ve effortlessly managed to see 70% of the historical center of Rome. Of course, in order to visit all of the places indicated, the bicycle is necessary or you couldn’t do even half of the tour that we laid out (and tested!)
I hope you enjoyed touring Rome in one day and, above all, that you fell in love with my wonderful city! Take a look at the pictures.

London in One Day: What to See

London in one day really is a wonderful challenge; the city is huge, and there are so many things to see!

So I suggest focusing on the truly unmissable attractions, wearing comfortable shoes, and getting yourself ready for a great walk!

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MORNING: London in One Day

For starters, in order to pay our respects to the Queen, we should start our tour from the square in front of Buckingham Palace (nearest metro stations: Victoria Station or Green Park Station).
In actuality, Elizabeth II rarely lives here, as most of the year she lives in Windsor, her favorite residence.
To find out if Her Majesty is present at the palace, we just need to observe the flags hoisted at the top of the building: if there are two (the Union Jack and the Royal Banner) it means that the Queen is at Buckingham Palace.
From here, you can take the path that goes through St. James Park, and with a pleasant walk of only a few minutes, you will arrive at Trafalgar Square.
This is one of the most famous squares in London with its fountain, the famous lions and the Column of Nelson. The square is dominated by the monumental facade of the National Gallery.

National Gallery

For art lovers this museum is a paradise, so for this visit I suggest you focus on only a few rooms, as it is impossible to see it all at once. The room of the Italian Renaissance impressionists is unmissable.
The Museum is free, but you can contribute to its maintenance through a donation or having coffee in one of its cafes, or shopping in the gift shop.

Afternoon: London in one day

If all this art leaves you hungry, you can pop into the crypt of St Martin in the Fields.
Yes, that’s right, I’m suggesting you go and have lunch in a crypt of a church! I haven’t gone crazy, a large self-service restaurant has been set up here offering simple and delicious dishes of English cuisine.

The atmosphere is very lively and usually quite crowded. From Trafalgar Square, take a walk down Whitehall / Parliament Street along which it will be possible to see to your right the famous no.10 Downing Street (home of the English Prime Minister). You will recognize it by the armed guards who are always stationed in front of them. But don’t expect too much, as for security reasons you will have to stay away from the building, so the view of the house is rather limited.

London in one day

Around the city center

Within a few minutes, we will reach Parliament Square, where you can admire in all its majesty Westminster Abbey (where many royal weddings take place), the English Parliament and Big Ben.

The latter is currently being restored and will be for the next two years or so, so expect a souvenir photo with scaffolding! Crossing the Westminster Bridge you reach Southbank, an area of London that in recent years has become extremely lively. This is where is the London Eye (the Ferris wheel) is found, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of London.

If you wish to take a trip on it (a complete tour lasts about half an hour and the cost is about 25 pounds) I recommend booking the tickets in advance to avoid, at least in part, the inevitable and often endless queue.

Tate Gallery

Continuing the walk along the south bank of the Thames, you will find the Tate Gallery to your right, one of the most famous museums in the world of Contemporary Art. If you have some time go on in, just to see the structure.
This former industrial building (it was a Power Station) deserves a visit, being the result of an intelligent and interesting renovation. Climb to the top floor to admire a beautiful view of London.

Leaving the Museum, right in front of the Tate, take the pedestrian bridge called Millennium Bridge, which will take you to another London icon: St Paul’s Cathedral.

London in one day

Last stop on the tour

Take a break to take a few photos before heading off on the final leg of the tour. From St. Paul’s, I suggest you take a bus which will take you along a few stops through the city district until you reach the fabulous Tower of London. London Bridge, which are probably the most famous symbols of London.
At sunset, the view from here is amazing and you can finally rest while enjoying a beer at one of the many pubs along the Thames, possibly thinking about when to organize the next trip to London!

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6 Places to Visit in Sicily

What is there to see in Sicily? Absolutely everything!

Sicily is a wonderful island where history, culture, flavors, smells and colors give life to a magical land.

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I used to go to Sicily every year, but for some reason we haven’t been since Flavio was born. This year, however, we have decided to go back to the splendid island of contradictions and now, years later, I ask myself: “what is there to see in Sicily”? Our goal was a tour that reaches multiple locations.

Here are the most beautiful places we have seen over 10 days:



Ortigia is the oldest part of the city of Syracuse and one of my favorite destinations when I am in Sicily.

It is characterized by a thousand alleys, rooms with outdoor tables and the sea; an amazing crystalline sea.

Most of the Baroque monuments you can visit in Syracuse are concentrated on this small part of the island.

The only bad thing about the island is that is not family friendly. Unless your child likes museums or basilicas, in Ortigia there is nothing that can entertain children, apart from the sea of course. If you visit Ortigia in the evening I suggest you go and eat near the fish market. You will find many small restaurants with tables in the streets,where you can enjoy excellent fish and excellent Sicilian wine. If you are looking for a hotel, we stayed at the Ortigia Royal Suite.



This village should definitely not be missed from the list of places to visit in Sicily. It is a characteristic colorful fishing village full of bars and shops, and is only a 40 minute drive from Syracuse. It is a real hidden gem, in every sense, due because unlike other reasonably priced parts of the island, this place is far more expensive. This can happen in all particularly beautiful places, as restaurant owners and shops take advantage of the high tourism.

The good thing is that children can freely play in the street as it is a pedestrian zone and you can enjoy an entrée at sunset. I advise you to go a little before sunset time, otherwise it will be difficult to find a seat. There are plenty of shops, but there are also lots of people who want to enjoy the beauty of this enchanted place.


Lungomare dei ciclopi

If you are in Catania and you want to know what to visit in Sicily, you must go to Aci Castello and Aci Trezza.

This area is called the Ciclopi lungomare and, if you love rocks, it’s a real paradise. You will find facilities equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds on stilts that face directly onto the sea. You can rent a motorboat, take a scenic boat trip or rent a pedal boat.

There are only three tricks to remember: don’t forget your rock-climbing shoes, don’t go any later than 11 o’clock otherwise you won’t find parking and above all, bring cash with you, because very often the ATM is out of order and if you want to rent a boat, you’ll struggle to find an ATM (we had to give up eventually).


How can we not mention the pearl of Sicily? Less than 30 minutes from Catania, Taormina is one of the bestknown areas of this wonderful island.

Here you will find the most beautiful hotels like the NH Collection Taormina. You can visit the beautiful Ancient Theater of Taormina or the famous Isola Bella, now a nature reserve.


Around 40 minutes by car from Palermo, this village is a must to visit. Its name comes from the fact that the roughness of the road forced the horses to pull the boats used in the tuna traps.

Today this town hosts many typical restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and very fresh fish. We ate atAngelo and Serafino and had fantastic tonnarelli mussels and clams, mussel soup and salmon tartare.

I recommend you make a reservation or go a little earlier, as you will probably find an endless queue, meanwhile other restaurant nearby will have tables available.

The view of the sunset here is a dream, the sky is colored with shades of pink and you can take breathtaking photos. If you are looking for a hotel in Palermo we stayed at NH Palermo, a paradise oasis in the heart of the city.

Catania center

I love Catania! Here is my declaration of love. This city is a continuous surprise and can be an excellent base for visiting wonderful places like the Ciclopi Waterfront or Mount Etna.

It is a lively city, full of local restaurants and shops.

You will find some gastronomic jewels in the most unexpected of places, but if you want to experience it to the full, you have to take a walk in via Crispi at sunset.

The street is filled with lights, tables and chairs. Wherever you look, you see people sitting eating or having a delicious entrée.

All around you will find bars full of enticing food, even more inviting than the restaurants as they look like delicatessens. Every corner is an invitation to sit down, the only disadvantage is the heat, but we mustn’t forget that we are in Sicily. Sicily is a wonderful island, and of course there are many more than 6 places to visit. Every city, every country and every village will remain in our hearts.

These are the places close to my heart, but I am curious to know yours! If you wish, please let me know in the comments.


Have a good trip!






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