Beaches in Barbados: Perfect for Children and Families

Beaches in Barbados: Perfect for Children and Families

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I love the beaches in Barbados, as I wrote in my holiday report in this article.

I love these beaches purely because they are so beautiful; among the most beautiful in the world, which characterize the landscape of this oriental Caribbean wonder.

Yet not all Barbados beaches are suitable for a family with small children. That is why in my guide, you will find beaches that are not always among the most recommended and you will not find the names of some of the places which are considered unmissable. We parents know that the most beautiful place is not always the most functional for the needs of children and families.

I’ll now go on to tell you which ones I think really deserve to be visited and why.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach (or Enterprise beach). This beach in Barbados is particularly suitable for children because of the natural pool that has been created between the rocks, and loved by surfers because the eastern part of the beach offers the best waves for different activities. Miami Beach is surrounded by a beautiful palm wood, where you can find various vans selling drinks and food. Among these I suggest Mr.Delicious, which makes the best fish cakes on the island (for the exchange of a Barbadian dollar, which is worth about fifty cents in US dollars) and the best Coconut Punch. Umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented for $5 USD.

Mullins Beach

Mullins Beach is one of the most organized beaches in Barbados to accommodate children. You can rent a cot and umbrella for $30 USD. On the beach there is a kiosk which sells drinks, sweets, ice creams and chips and there is also a large bar/restaurant, the Mullins Beach bar, where you can get all the beer and fish cake you could eat. However, if you want to live exactly like a barbadian or simply want to eat cheaply, starting at 12 o’clock on the street facing the beach, there is a lady who sells food in her truck. It’s a recommendation to buy from locals as the prices are very low, and the portions are huge. Trust me!

Another reason to choose this beach is the inflatable water playground, for which you pay an entry fee. There are slides, climbing walls, floats, all in the water: great fun for children and whole families! The older customers can rent jetskis, windsurf, etc.

This beach is located in the VIP area of Barbados, so a day here will raise your budget significantly – keep this in mind.

Dover Beach and Carlisle Bay 

At Dover Beach the beaches are very beautiful, windy but absolutely occupiable. The only problem is that this area is full of resorts and most of them do not accept children, so it will be a lonely day for your children.

We really enjoyed our time at Carlisle Bay. Why go there? For the turtles! If you see a shadow while swimming, don’t think it’s shark: it’s a giant turtle. The shores of Carlisle Bay are equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and is full of bars and kiosks. Here the Barbadians cook freshly caught fish – a fantastic lunch!

The only unpleasant aspect is the fishermen’s boats anchored to the shore, the numerous tourists who come from cruise ships and from the many catamarans in search of turtles to admire.

One strange thing about the beaches in Barbados is that users of the beach are permitted to use the hotel’s bar and facilities, use their swimming pool, shower, bath and cots. Well, it’s just as well, isn’t it?

Now go and relax in Barbados!

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