Barbados: The Most Beautiful Views

Barbados: the most beautiful views of this wonderful island. We all know the paradisical beaches of Barbados, but this wonderful island is not just pink sand and palm trees.

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On our tour, we got to know the island from North to South and East to West.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the coast overlooking the ocean is the most beautiful if you are looking for breathtaking cliffs and very high waves. This is the best known spot for surfers, but I assure you that there are wonderful places even for a family that does not like getting up on the board!

Here are some places that you absolutely can’t miss.

Long Bay (Shark Hole)

This cliff is fantastic; hidden in the cove there is a small secret beach where, despite the high waves and the impassable sea, you can enjoy clear and calm water. In short, a real paradise. The area is very popular with locals so you will easily find fishermen on the cliff and families on the beach.

Bottom Bay

Here is another place that will leave you breathless. The sea an almost blinding shade of blue.I have only seen a color like this once in my life, in Cancun.

But before going down to the beach, I suggest you take a walk in the field in front of the parking lot, there is a wonderful view and you can take some great pictures. You can’t buy food or drinks here, so make sure you bring everything you need!

The Most Beautiful Views Barbados: Bathsheba

This is where I left my heart – I was dazzled by the beauty. Here nature is still unspoiled, and the vegetation is very rich. At Bathsheba you really feel like you’re in the Caribbean.It is difficult to reach by public transport,so I advise you to rent a car.

Bathsheba- Barbados

Crane Beach

This beach is not as beautiful as the others, but the palm grove and cliff certainly make a pretty sight. Even here, despite the very rough sea, the colors are sensational. Unlike Bottom Bay, there is a barin the palm grove where you can enjoy an aperitif or cool off.

The most beautiful view in Barbados

I am sure that in the North there are many pristine and beautiful beaches but, if you look at the map of Barbados, you can see that the north is beaten and has very few roads. It’s definitely a good reason to come back in a few years!

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