Freccia Rossa Executive or Italotreno Club Executive

Frecciarossa Executive or Italotreno Executive Club: Which One to Choose and Why While they both have the same name, both companies offer different services.

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 Italotreno has a younger, more dynamic and less business-based market, but in my opinion it is less luxurious, and more standard.

I think the best thing I can do is to present the facts, and then you can decide for yourself. I have my mind made up, but I will let you be the judge of what is best for you.

Italotreno Executive Club

This is presented to us as  “the best travel experience in Italo’s most exclusive environment”.  I think this is exactly the point – in comparison to the other services it is by far the best, but in terms of overall luxury, there is a lot to be desired.

The websites advertise different services such as Wi-Fi, catering, Fast Track, lounge, and personal screens. A service for underage customers travelling alone called Italo Junior is available for a small fee.

The seats are comfortable, with about 18 eats in each carriage, some in closed cabins. When the train disembarks there is a welcome service in which you are offered water, fruit juice or prosecco in a paper glass.


The catering is provided by a small box containing a cold puffy pastry and a vegetable snack pastry. You can choose a sweet or a salty snack or two. The cleaning service is not impeccable; they don’t take the rubbish until they have finished in First Class, which is about an hour. The bathroom is not just for the executive but shared with First Class, and unfortunately for me, the smell of the bathroom was very unpleasant.

Would I travel with Italo’s Executive Club again? Absolutely, because First Class is like traveling in economy class by plane; people shouting on the phone, taking off their shoes and eating tuna cans intoxicating the whole wagon. I know what you’re thinking, you are wondering what route was – it was Rome- Milan.


Executive Frecciarossa

This travel is on a different level of quality. I’ll begin by telling you that the executive carriage accommodates only 8 seats, and each armchair is 1.5 meters from the other.

This service was created to meet the needs of the top managers of big companies but I can tell you that it also caters to mine.


The carriages have the luxuries of all the national newspapers, unlimited drinks, snacks and coffee espresso Illy. Furthermore, if you need to work, there is a meeting room with 6 seats and high-definition monitors, which can be used for a small fee.If you are hungry, you can enjoy the exclusive restaurant with gourmet dishes by chef Carlo Cracco. I ate a delicious duck in orange on real dishes with real cutlery and glasses – no plastic or paper.Buying the Frecciarossa executive ticket gives you the access to the lounge, so no more waiting in a crowded bar.


I have given you a brief overview of my experience, and it is clear to see which service I preferred – I believe that luxury is important and if you are willing to pay more than economy class, you expect different services. It must be said, however, that Italo has a younger clientele and less showy, so the differences are there.

Which do you prefer? Let me knon the comments.

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